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APP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Q. How do I get the App?

A. Search for: Handbook Pediatric Dentistry in iTunes and Google Play stores. Or tap on the links provided below:


Q. I have the App but I cannot read the content in the App?

A. After you download the App, you must go to the AAPD Online Store and purchase a user code. This usercode will allow you to set up an account (username & password). This account will be used to sign-into the App to read all of the content.

Q. I have purchased a usercode, how do I use it?

A. Open the App and tap on the popup window. It will walk you through how to set up your username/password.

Q. How do I use my username/ password to sign-in to the App?

A. Step 1 - Enter your usercode and your email address.

    Step 2 - Look for an email with a link to create your password. It may be in your SPAM.

    Step 3. Tap on the “hamburger menu” (3 lines on the top left of the App screen), and scroll to the bottom. Tap Account and Sign In button. Enter your username/password. This is a one time requirement.

Q. Do I need to reuse the usercode on my other device?

A. No. Simply enter your username/password on each device.

Q. I have lost my password how do I reset it?

A. Visit reset my password. Use the email address you redeemed your Access Code with.

Q. How many devices can I use my username/password?

A. Each user is licensed for up to 3 devices.

Q. The App will not run on my Android device?

A. Minimum Android OS requirement is 5.1.1.

Q. The App will not run on my Apple device?

A. Minimum Apple OS requirement is OS9